A Complete Guide to RiNo’s Murals

RiNo (River North Art District) isn’t just a vibrant Denver neighborhood – it’s a sprawling outdoor art gallery. From small-scale gems to massive masterpieces, RiNo’s walls are alive with color and creativity. If you’re a street art lover (or just appreciate a good photo backdrop), this guide is your mural-hunting companion.

Where the Art Lives

  • Explore the Alleys: The side streets and alleyways between Larimer, Walnut, Blake, and Brighton Boulevard are prime mural territory. Get lost wandering and see what you discover.
  • Focused Hotspots: Specific buildings or intersections are known for their impressive collections of art. Check out the area around Ratio Beerworks (2920 Larimer St.) and Nocturne Jazz & Supper Club (1330 27th St.).
  • Don’t Forget to Look Up: Many RiNo murals cover multiple stories, so be sure to scan upwards!

The Famous and the Hidden Gems

  • The Must-Sees: There are a few RiNo murals that reach iconic status. Keep an eye out for the Crush Walls murals (these change annually!), the beloved “Greetings from Denver” postcard mural, and the spectrum of fish by Blaine Fontana at Redline Contemporary Art Center.
  • Beyond the Big Names: Part of the fun is discovering the smaller, more unexpected works. Be on the lookout for stencils, hidden figures in brickwork, and even murals tucked away on garage doors.

How to Enhance Your Mural Experience

  • Take a Guided Tour: Companies like Denver Graffiti Tour (https://denvergraffititour.com/) offer deep dives into the history and meaning behind RiNo’s art.
  • Festival Time: Crush Walls https://www.instagram.com/thecrushwalls/, an annual street art festival, brings international artists to add new masterpieces to the neighborhood in September.
  • Check Our Events Page: VisitRiNo.com keeps an updated list of gallery exhibitions, pop-up art shows, and other events celebrating the RiNo art scene.


  • Comfortable Shoes: You’ll be on your feet!
  • Respect the Art: Avoid touching the murals, and be mindful of artists who might be at work.
  • Golden Hour: Morning and late afternoon light can be magical for photos.

Ready to start exploring? Get out there and let RiNo’s walls inspire you!

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